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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Answer to Saturday's Burning Question

The Question:
A couple gets a divorce. They have two twin children. The mother wants her children to go to a nearby public school and the father wants the children to go to a private school that is about a 45 minute drive. How should this dilemma be resolved?

The Answer:
Thank you for posting this question, it was a great one. Anyways, this is an issue that does not have any clear-cut answer in that it is one that can be argued in court without much prior understanding of how the judge will likely rule. That being said, no matter what the disputes are between both parents, the parents must understand that deep consideration for their children has to take place at all times. This means that regardless of whether the children are relocated or not, the children must feel the caring support of both parents even if it is not necessarily in the interest of both parents.

I think the reasons for both the parent's disagreement must be brought out. For example, say the mother is worried about financial and transportation expenses if the children went to the private school. In this case, the father should be responsible for covering these expenses as it is his choice and the couple is no
longer married.

Since Supreme Court rulings have consistently been ruled in favor of what is in the best interest of the children, there is a legitimate argument for why the twins should have some say in the decision. See Radford v. Propper.

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