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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday - The Burning Question

How dependent are Americans on foreign oil?
What percentage of oil used in the United States originally came from a country outside of the United States?


winhid said...

come to greet thank you very much

Dartagnan said...

I hope that you are haveing a great time at your vacation. Thanks for your advices once more.
I have adds now.
Be good ,be nice ,be well!

ExpandForFree said...

Hi dartagnan, I am glad everything is going well. I just got back from vacation a couple days ago. It was fun, I have now been updating this site daily almost hourly, but it's nice to take a break for a while.

laperdiz said...

Salud y humor satírico te desea la perdiz.

Dartagnan said...

Hi John!
I got back yesterday from vacations too and I'm glad that your vacation went well. I get sick last day of a vacation and I'm still fighting with it.
Yesterday i joined to affiliate junktion from your site.What is your advice about that?
Be well my friend!

ExpandForFree said...

dartagnan I am so glad you posted a great question on the Burning Question. I know I sent you a brief reply earlier.

My view on affiliate sites is this, you are really at your own risk. I personally think it is best to stay away from them. While many such sites will feature case studies of people who have made thousands of dollars using affiliates, while these cases are probably true, they are also rare. Some such site are even downright scams so I would be weary paying any sizeable amount of money to an Affiliate like junktion.

Overall, it is best to use free programs that do not require information such as credit card or social security information which will eliminate any potential risk.