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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Topic Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday and that means it's topic day. You can use this post to ask any question you possibly can be about ANYTHING, whether it is a question about European History, Web Design, finding a certain name it! Just leave your question/s (if you have one) in the comments of this post. Users, visitors, and myself will try to answer your question and hopefully in a few hours you get an answer. If your question is still not answered by Saturday, your question will be listed under Saturday's Burning Question, which will hopefully allow your question to get more focus.

A few things,
*Don't hesitate to ask whatever question you would like to get answered.
*Feel free to answer other people's questions.
*You may comment on this post any day during the week (it doesn't have to be Wednesday).


ExpandForFree said...

Please use this post only for questions (about anything).

Por favor, use este post solo para las preguntas (sobre cualquier cosa).

Dartagnan said...

Tell me please , can I change a type of adds or they are given to my blog automatically? I have one more question , what is the best position for the adds and how many of them I can put on the page?
Thank you , bye!