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Monday, August 18, 2008

Featured Blog of the Week - Food Designs

Check out the featured blog of the week! This week's featured blog of the week is titled Food Designs.

Food Designs is a blog dedicated to demonstrating some of the most eloquently displayed food items such as a well-carved turkey made out of butter and MUCH more.

Check out Food Designs today at:

3 comments: said...

hola hace tiempo t metiste en mi blog
spero k t vuelvas a meter y m des algun consejo para " expandir " mi blog ... tu pagina esta bien el problema es que no entiendo mucho de ingles ... espero que me puedas ayudar ( y si me das alguna ayuda con el ingles pues mucho mejor jejejeje )
xxxxxxx natalia

LëëLöö said...

Wow!! What a yummi blog lol
Mine (BatiFantastic) will update daily from now on!!

See ya!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very promising. I have two blogs,, (I'm currently using the latter website).

Perhaps I'll post some food designs I've done myself over the years.

Thanks for the post.