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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday - The Burning Question

Today is Saturday, unfortunately, unlike the past two weeks there have not been any questions in the posts that really need to be addressed, but remember if you have ANY question about ANYTHING feel free to comment with it here and visitors, users, and myself will get an answer as soon as possible.


gamers542 said...

In general, why does summer tend to be a boring season, in my opinion? For example in the gaming industry, no good games come out (there are some exceptions); they wait until the fall and spring. It seems that life slows down in the season and I want from various people to know why that is.

coolclub said...

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ExpandForFree said...

Maybe because the gaming industry tends to gear towards a younger audience (people who are still in school) and they want people to be able to tell a large audience about a game they enjoyed. Maybe through the school environment (primary/secondary/college) vendors think they can sell their product better.