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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Back with Updates

Hey everyone! I know its been slow...but don't worry traffic will come and I am going to start getting in the habit of daily updating this site again. Additionally all members should get a serious boost in traffic. Expand For Free was set up only a few months ago and its page rank has skyrocketed! Additionally, there are over 200 websites in the database. With Expand For Free's and its help from its users this website has become far more searchable to allow increased traffic for all members. In the next few months hopefully all users currently in the database have noticed traffic boosts. Keep in mind there are several other ways to boost your traffic if you are unsatisfied with Expand For Free results (also be patient this is a residual process).

Take it easy and I will back tomorrow.

Note: If you have any suggestions please list them below. Also please let me know if it would greatly increase your interest if I brought back the Friday Facts/Thursday Tip/Burning Question/etc, nonetheless I do plan to provide these features (assuming they are well-liked) sometime in the future.

1 comment:

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