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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Expand For Free Features

In addition to providing a free web expanding service. Keep checking this blog for updates! Here are some weekly site features:

Mondays: Featured Blog of the Week - Every Monday, there will be a new blog posted along with a brief description of the featured blog. (check first post to see how to be featured)

: Topic Wednesdays - You post a question that you are looking to get answered. People will then try to answer your question. If your question doesn't get answered, it will be posted on Saturday as the Burning Question. The question can be anything as long as it is answerable. It can be a "how do something" question or just a simple question looking for a fact.

Thursdays: The Thursday Tip - For one or more pieces of advice.

Fridays: Random Fact

Saturdays: The Burning Question - This is for a question that we are in desperate need of an answer based on queries posted in Wednesday's post.

Additionally, this site has added a Google Search engine so you can search the world wide web using this site! Remember, there is no obligation to this site, but we strongly encourage you to tell your friends about ExpandForFree and make this your homepage (

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