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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Thursday Tip:
Every Monday I will try to feature a new blog/website and every Thursday I will try to provide some advice, this advice may or may not be relevant to Expand for Free and may be entirely for comedic value!

Today's Advice:
Tell your friends about Expand for Free! Remember there is no obligation to get into the database. I just need your URL and Web Page Name. Expanding your website could never be easier. Plus, there are tons of features that will be added to Expand For Free (the site is right now brand new). Every website that gets sent to me will go into my database; however, you will also see one Featured Blog every week! This website will soon have a Search Engine so you can make this page your homepage and search the world wide web right from here!


Raiment Urbane said...

Thanks for the offer dear, I would love to try this out.

So let's see..the Url and the Web Page Name:


Page Name: Raiment Urbane.

Wishing you the best ;)

ExpandForFree said...

Thanks for the comment! Normally, you are supposed to send the URL and page name in the Expand For Free post, but don't worry you are now in the database :)

¡Buena suerte en su blog! Como usted, comprendo ambos inglés y español. En poco tiempo voy a publicar información en los posts en español así como en inglés.

Raj said...

Thanks !! I would love to try it out.

Page name : Positive Thinking


ExpandForFree said...

Please do not use this comment section for blog posts. Use the Expand For Free post.