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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Expand For Free is Over 100 Strong

Expand For Free now has well over 100 users who have submitted their website into the database. This is good from both the visitor's and user's perspective.

This means people who use Expand For Free as a searching tool have many different websites to find whatever needs to be found. For example if you are looking to shop online, Expand for Free has several websites that allow you to shop for what you are looking for under the "Online Shopping" category. This categorization prevents you from wasting your time having to look at several unrelated sites or from searching through the hundreds of millions of websites found in google. Expand for Free makes it that much simpler...besides if you can't find what you need based on what the blogs posted on Expand For Free, you can always resort to my google custom search engine to browse the world wide web.

For users who are currently in the database, this also allows you to increase your blog traffic due to high volume of users.

Keep in mind if you are a member of the Expand For Free database (you can easily find out if you link is posted on the sidebar) blog traffic is residual. This means that you may not get like one-thousands hits all at once, but over time you can get more and more visitors. If you are still unsatisfied with your blog traffic Expand For Free has several other features that you may utilize at your disposal to help promote your blog (check "Features" under Posts on my right sidebar). Only one user has taken advantage of ALL of the features Expand For Free has to offer so there are definitely ways to further promote your blog to increase page visitors. Expand For Free provides a free link to the world wide web.

Anyways, take it easy. If you have questions about anything at all, please let me know through either commenting or emailing me at

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