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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Topic Wednesday

Under comments, list random questions you may have about anything while users, visitors and myself attempt to answer them.


Matt said...

A couple gets a divorce. They have two twin children. The mother wants her children to go to a nearby public school and the father want the children to go to a private school that is about a 45 minute drive.

How should this dilemma be resolved?

Dartagnan said...

Please tell me how to expand my writing area? Can I do something on my left side of site and how?

Bye my friend!

Be good,be nice,be well!


ExpandForFree said...

The answer lies in your template. Their have been several page guides explaining how to edit templates and unfortunately those are much better at explaining themselves than I am (especially since I am not very good at template editing).

In order to expand your area you need to increase the width of the body area of your template(and/or decrease width of sidebar). You may even want to add a new template altogether (one that starts with more space). If you do a google search for blogger templates you should find a template closer to what you are looking for. Careful, however, if you change your template, there is a small risk of causing unwanted changes in your data.

You can definitely add a sidebar on the left side, however, you are using a template that isn't already equipped with one. I have never done this with a blog, however, I know it can be done.

You can play around with editing your template by previewing it after editing and such to see changes you have made and how each part of the template functions. You may want to save your original template in WordPad just so that if you accidently save over the template you can always revert back to the original.

To edit your template go to Dashboard => Layout => Edit HTML

Hopefully someone else can help me out here, otherwise I may have to label it in the burning question next week if nothing works out.