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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Saturday - The Burning Question

A couple gets a divorce. They have two twin children. The mother wants her children to go to a nearby public school and the father wants the children to go to a private school that is about a 45 minute drive. How should this dilemma be resolved?

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Please help if you know any answers to this question. If you have another question feel free to comment with it here or on the next Topic Wednesday post.


Dartagnan said...

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I'll be very grateful if you teach me another way.
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Dartagnan said...

And of course, I need to thank you for all useful and good advices you give me so far.

Thank you my friend!

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Dartagnan said...

The private school is better of course, but who will take children to a school and take them home after school? Which parent have child care? I assume that yours children are going in first grade of elementary school.
I can give you advice how to get what you need, but ...


Be good, be nice, be well!